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Secret Trick> Guideline


1.  How to decrease wound when your troops expedite?

- Use more strength and higher level generals. No expedition with dangerous notice.

- You should recruit more troops than lands you want to occupy in order to decrease damage.

2. How to get more resources?

- Resources achieve more when you occupy higher-level slot of lands.

- Join in alliance to increase benefits.

- Using black market to buy cheapest resources.

- Quest accomplished.

3. How to open The World's Situation?

All players do quest together to open the World’s situation and receive rewards.

4. How to give more troops to expedite?

Build your drill ground in main city. A higher drill ground means expedited troops and generals.

5. What is COST? How to increase COST of troops?

- COST is a value to limit general in troop – Total COST of general combination in a troop cannot be over COST of troop.

- It should be built City Hall and Coronation Altar to increase COST of troop of corresponding city (maximum COST is 10).

7. How to recruit more general cards?

Build and upgrade Shu Altar, Wei Altar, Han Altar, Neutral Altar... to level 5 for recruiting more general cards.

8. How to get more free Jade?

Complete quests, World’s Situation quest and Manoeuver Tutorial to get free Jade.

9. Which tactics you should effectively use?

- Depending on attack, defense, intelligence index… and role of general (normal attack damage, strategic attack damage or protect from normal attack), player should use suitable tactic.

- Upgrade and rank up general (high index) to increase tactic strength.

- Upgrade tactic to increase strength (use tactic EXP)

- Dismantle tactics from unused generals

10. What use administrative orders for? How to receive administrative orders?

- Administrative orders can be used for army farming (3 orders), training (3 orders) and build fortress (3 orders), sub city (3 orders).

- Maximum 9 administrative orders can be bought per day. Player can receive 1 administrative orders every hour (cannot receive more if maximum reach).

11. How to enhance generals’ strength?

- Level up to get more attributes.

- Each 10 levels or 1 time of rank up will get more attribute point. Attribute point will be added in basic index: attack, defense, intelligence, speed.

12. How to awake generals?

You can use 2 general cards with the same star rate to awake when General has reached Lv.20 and first tactic has reached Lv.10.

13. What are general’s basic index?

- Attack is increasing damage for normal attack.

- Defense is increasing defense for normal attack (excluding damage of intelligence attack).

- Intelligence is increasing attack damage.

- Siege force is increasing effectiveness of city siege.

- Speed is increasing moving speed and attack order of general.

14. Market is trading place of players, isn’t it?

Market is not the place to exchange between players, it’s only for exchanging resources with NPC.

15. Does Reign of Warlords have VIP?

No. There is not any VIP system in game and players are equal in benefits.

16. How to self-defense and prevent from attack?

- In first 48 hours, players will be protected. After that, player can unlock guard function everyday (cannot be attacked in 5 hours).

- Join alliance to protect together.

- Upgrade City Wall, Guardhouse and recruit enough to increase defending.

17. How to migrate city?

You need to build sub-city (Note: 500 Jades will be spent for city migration and sub-city will be replaced by main city).

18. What is city durability?

Each construction will have different durability. Occupy that construction requires you to destroy its durability.

19. When could you roam?

If you choose to roam, you can select a new birth place and retain 80% of your resources but the following data will be cleared such as city information, fortress, territory, military facilities and alliance. So you should consider if perform Roam.

20. How to transfer troops quickly?

The best way to transfer troops quickly is building your fortress outside of territory, then move general to guard it and continue expanding territory to reduce time of performing expedition and withdrawing.

21. What is counter scheme?

Cavalry counters Footman (reduce 30% of damage), Footman counters Archer (reduce 30% of damage), Archer counters Cavalry (reduce 15% of damage).

22. What is General's Stamina? What should you do when out of stamina?

General’s Stamina represents his strength, general spend stamina (20 points per time) when performing expedition. If out of stamina, general need to rest and recover.

23. What is general’s attack range for?

Attack range of general show that general can attack or use tactic at his position or not. Distance of 2 vanguards is 1, 2 assaults is 3, 2 commanders is 5 (if positions are empty, distance will be narrowed.

24. What will you get when joining Alliance?


- You could receive extra resources prodcutivity and EXP from alliance.

- You could borrow alliance’s land to expedite.

- You could siege other cities and get reward from alliance.

25. How to get more tactic EXP?

- Take part in Manoeuver Tutorial

- Dismantle unused general cards.

26. How to cross over river?

- You can cross narrow section of a river via connected lands.

- A wider section can be crossed by occupying a dock (you can find dock sign on mini map).

27. How to recruit quickly?

- Build and upgrade Recruit Office, Reservist Station – 2 constructions will affect your recruitment speed.

- Build and upgrade Drill Ground; own Fortress, Camp – expand troops who can be recruited at the same time.

- Change generals among teams (separate generals who have short recruitment time and generals who have long recruitment time) – making use of troops who have short recruitment time.  

28. How to increase force point?

There are some ways to increase force point: occupy land of high level, defender's suburb (slots around center of NPC’s city) and own other constructions (Fortress, Sub-city, Dock…)

For more detail, please check out in game: Ranking -> (?) Force point.

29. How to increase General’s EXP?

To increase EXP of general, you can: sweep land, recruit or collect EXP books (appear near main city).