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Battle is the main way to complete siege force, defense city and terriroty and prove important of game strategy as well

Basic rules:

  • Fight conducted in turn , subject to the generals fighting , the army unit , per each minister acted on speed
  • Win: When the strength of enemy's headquarter becomes 0, you win!
  • Lose: When the strength of your headquarter becomes 0, you lose!
  • Draw: Victory hangs in the balance after 8 turns of single battle. The army will be in “battle” status and they will fight for 5 minutes. (P/s: in battle status, Defending troops could not recover soldiers)

Battle Activated:

  • A troop is chosen to sweep target in big map when the troop has arrived at the target location, will activate battle.

View Battle Report:

  • Battle report will be displayed after activated battle. Players could have a look at a picture of the battle or battle brief to view results and battle process
  • Battle brief: guideline on words showed situation of troops' battle in the army
  • Picture of the battle: review battle by pictures

Battle settlement:

  • Entrance: When finished replaying battle report or directly click on [settle] at battle report to open this battle settlement
  • Result Interface: It is used to view battle results whether it occupied target or trophies received
  • Report Interface: it could view number of enemy killed of the army and its loss report