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Secret Trick> Tips


Construction Tips:

  • Quest reward in rookie period is abundant. You should follow to build construction as required quest to avoid insufficient resource
  • The game is currently a maximum of two free construction queue, so you could construct two facilities at same time. You can also consume coins to increase queue, but it is only valid for one construction

Expedition Tips:

  • Expedition target is next to your territory, you could expedite and it does not need to connect from city to target
  • When a red "Danger"prompts when troops set off, if you are not sure your strength of troops, you should not force them to expedite. Otherwise it will fatally lose

Troop configuration Tips:

  • It should pay attention on Generals' attack range whether it could effectively attack the enemy when setting up troops, otherwise it will greatly weaken the strength of troops. (attack range: Generals with normal attack is only effective with target in attack range. If our army and enemy have found three Generals, vanguard troop's distance is 1, central is 2 and headquarter is 4 of our army and enemy)
  • Deployed Generals Cost could not exceed maximum limit army. You could increase maximum cost of army by level up of city hall
  • Headquarter position of troop is associated with headquarter otherwise you could not transfer that army

Battle Tips:

  • Troops will be defeated if headquarter is wounded in battle. Therefore, you need to recruit for increasing headquarter' survival.
  • After 8 turns of fightingwithout winners, the troop will be in battle status and fight with the enemy for next of 5 minutes. (P/s: In battle status, defending troops can not recover soldier so you can take the opportunity to send second troop to victory)
  • Carvalry counters footman, footman counters archer, archer counters cavalry. For example, attack damage will be decreased when footman type attacks cavalry type and so on
  • If Generals learn more tactics, strength will be increased for army. Tacticscan be obtained through dismantling General cardsbut note it will waste General cardwhich helps you to learn that tactics

Resources Tips:

  • Occupy high level lands is the most effective way to receive long-term resources
  • In rookie period, resources could be quickly received through completing "quest" and pass "manoeuver level"
  • You could transfer available troops to do farm and get resources