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General is represented by card who is the main purpose in battle, city defense and recruit



General’s name

General’s name


Rarity is represented by the number of stars. More stars it is, the rarity is higher. A higher rarity card means a greater growth potential and initial tactic is stronger


Battle with defending troops (not experienced PVP) to receive EXP for level up. Level is higher, attribute point is stronger, General can carry more troops


The Generals in the army can recruit to increase soldiers.

The number of soldier will decide General's survival. If number of soldier is 0, General could not continue to fight.

Soldiers are maintained by food hourly. The more soldiers are crowd, the more consumption it is.


Generals in the Army need to consume 20 scores of stamina when they sent thier troops. Troops can not be transferred they are not stamina enough. It is 20 recovery scores hourly.


General cost is higher, the growth of attribute is higher when level is up. Meanwhile, the limiting factor set up army is COST, total of generals' cost can not exceed the upper limit of COST army


Generals have same name may belong to different army. Generals with same name but not same army and initial tactics are not the same.

Army can be divided into: the Han, Wei, Shu, Wu and Neutral.

Solider Type

General's soldier divided into footman, archers, cavalry. Soldier has counter scheme like cavalry counters footman, footman counters archer and archer counters cavalry. For example, if footman type attacks cavalry type, damage will be decreased.

Attack Range

Two sides with each of 3 generals have fought. Distance of our front and enemy's is 1. And distance of our central and enemy's front is 2. So attack range of enemy's headquarter general is 4


Affect normal attack damage in battle


Affect normal attack damage in battle and decrease personal strategy attack damage.


Decrease normal attack and tactics damage is affected by attack.

Speed up

The speed is higher, troops' speed in map is faster

Legion’s siege

When performing against the siege, durability of lands/city/fortress/ surburb or target may be decreased.

As you win all target's troops,

Rank-up star

You could use 1 same General card to be up advanced general. When you get higher level, you will receive 10 attribute points. Rank-up turns could not be higher level of star rating


Tactic Slot

Each tactics needs to occupy 1 general's tactic slot.

The first tactic slot: initial tactic of general occupies.

The second tactic slot: It is automatically open when you reach level of 5. General will learn new tactics after the opening.

The third tactic slot: initial tactic of general reaches level of 10 and the generals reach 20, you can consume 2 same rarity generals to open tactic slot. You can learn new tactics after the opening

Attribute Point

Attribute points can be equipped with a point by way of the generals fighting, each point will increase 1 point of corresponding attribute.

Male generals get 10 attribute points and 15 for female generals with every 10 levels received.


"Pole" word logo. When the generals turned three tactics grid, this indicator appears.