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                HOW TO CHOOSE TACTICS

In the game, target is decreasing enemy troop to 0, General will attack when fighting or activating tactics to enemy.

We will use tactic's effect to analyze various types of tactics. Hoping everyone can use Generals and tactics reasonably as below.

Tactic effects:





Cause damage directly to enemy. There are 2 types of damages: attacked damage and intelligent damage


Recover your troop


Add more status to change General's attribute

Special status

Status don't change attributes that are added


Below is classified table to make everyone understand more about skills:




Cannot act


Perform indiscriminate attacks


Cannot attack


Prevent from executing active tactics


Cannot recover troops


Protect ally troop from attacks


Make enforced targets attack themselves

First Move

Takes the first move in each turn

2 Attacks

Perform 2 attacks against the target


Attack will cause damage to near generals at the same time


Be immune to the Confusion, Falter, Fear, Rampage and Provoked effects


Perform counterattacks when under attack

Delete Status

Delete negative status from your troops or positive status from enemy. These are 2 different effects of tactics


Basic Standard:



Rate of performance

As big as good, conduct tactic and passive tactic will be performed surely

Rate of making effect

Be careful (It's a trap!), there are some tactics can not reach 100% of effect although it's performed, so rate of making effect is as big as good

Damage point/Recovery point

As big as good


Do you if select group attack or single attack? Hoping you guys understand, you should select based on team situation

Allowed range

Excluding follow-up tactic, the far attack range of generals and tactic range are, the big combination is

Pre-battle preparation

Pre-battle preparation tactic has high effect but chaotic situation can be existed, benefit and risk are exist together


As many as good, whatever buff of your troop or debuff of enemy


How to choose tactic:

  • Below is how to select tactic:

         + Because each in-game general has different characteristic, enemy is also different, so it's hard to find a suitable plan. User need to experience little by little in game


High attacked general


High damage, focus on killing soldiers

High defensed general

High defence can counteract almost damage of attack and help other generals perform damage

Recovered general

Reduce loss of battle and is helpful when fighting many times and continuously

Supported general

Enhancing above 3 generals by support status or changing attribute


      + Characteristics of troop is when creating troops of these generals, it decides which fighting form will be suitable with these troops

      + Suitable for quick damage, a kind of tanker + DPS or control + support to end in a draw

  • Suitability of tactic and general:

      + Attack and strategic attribute: tactic and general need to combine

      + Allowed range of tactic must be correspond to general's position

      + Need to be suitable with attribute of attacked tactic (recovered tactic) when combine attribute tactics


  • Estimate your capacity, strength is king:

     + Research difficulties of tactics are high because research difficulties of tactics are different

     + After creating troops, if troops are free, it will be waste, so if do not have ideal tactic, you can use               similar effect to replace and try to know how strength is

     + Hoping that everybody will know through Review battle ->Settle -> Statistics to see data of your troops         in the battle, so it will help your lord check tactic deployment.