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Secret Trick> Tips


  • [City] Click to see the information of city. If it is your main city, you can click to come inside.

  • [Tile] Click to see basic information of tile and can list of orders to be chosen.

  • [Quest Button] Click to open the quest interface, see quests and receive reward (if any)

  • [Rookie Faction] Click to open the Rookie Faction interface and get to know the special effect.
  • [Order] Click to open Order interface, see the introduction and purchase Order

  • [Switch Information] Click to change "Resource" and "Switch Information"

  • [Mini Map] Click to see gepgraphy, current position and force distribution

           +  [Show/Hide Tiny Map]: show or hide map
 [World Map]: Click to open and see current situation of World Map and 13 Provinces Map
 [Navigation]: Click to open navigation list. User can select the place to move in the list

  • [Chat]: Click to open chatting interface, then user can chat with the others in the world, province, guild and see the system information

  • [Battle Report]: Click to open when the battle report comes. User can read battle report of the troop in the interface

  • [Mail]: Click to open when new mail comes. User can receive attachments or send mail in this interface

  • [Recharge Jade]: Click to recharge or purchase Jade

  • [General]: Click to see General in the interface

  • [Tactic]: Click to see current tactics, convert generals into tactic EXP, dismantle generals into tactics

  • [City affair] Click to complete "Collecting Tax", "Trading", "Guarding", "Moving City", "Abandoning"

  • [City]: Click to see basic information and the information troop of main city, sub city, fortress, camp

  • [Summon] Click to summon generals

  • [Show/Hide Function] Click to show/hide function

  • [Setting] Click to set up game

  • [Help] Click to connect to Customer Service

  • [Announcement] Click to see server notification

  • [Recharge] Click to recharge or purchase Jade

  • [Battle Report] Click to see battle report

  • [Mail] Click to read mail, receive attachment and send mail

  • [Event] Click to see activities on server

  • [Challenge] Click to see how to challenge

  • [Rank] Click to see personal rank, alliance rank

  • [Alliance] Click to join/ build or see alliance information

  •  [Profile] Click to see your faction information

  •  [World's Situation] Click to see the world's situation