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Tactic is an important part of General military capabilities and affect real military capabilities of General.

Different battle will have different combination to win.

Type of Tactic:





Conducting: is used when starting the battle. (But success rate is fixed)


When attack normally, each round has probability of performing tactic.


When fighting, tactic will be performed surely


After target is founded, tactic will perform to target

Extra information:

  • Allowed range: Tactic is effective in allowed range only. Excluding Follow-up, range of other tactics do not have an effect on General's attack range
  • Target: Targets are divided into: your single troop, your multiple troops, enemy's single troop, enemy's multiple troops.
  • Limitation of unit type: Only specified unit type can use tactic..
  • Perform rate: Rate of tactic performance
  • Tactic level: If level of tactic effect is high, tactic level will be increased by "Tactic Enhancement"
  • Owned tactic: Amount of tactics that are owned by user can not over maximum limitation (default is 100), when reaching the maximum limitation, user can not research new tactic anymore
  • Factor influence on tactic effect:

            + To tactic that cause damage and recovery, the more tactics troop has the higher effect is.

            + Intelligent tactic: the more intelligent tactic is, the higher effect is

            + Attacked tactic: the more attack is the higher effect is (If description do not mention about intelligent                tactic, it means attacked tactic)

Convert tactic EXP:

  • Usage:

           + Spending coins, Jades to convert general card into tactic EXP

           + The higher general star is, the more tactic EXP convert into

           + P/S: Need to delete current tactic if want to learn new tactic by general card

  • How to convert: Tốn Xu, Ngọc có thể chuyển hóa Thẻ Tướng thành EXP chiến pháp.

          + Converted coin: Spending 30 coins to convert 1 general card into tactic EXP.

          + Converted jade: User will receive tactic EXP x2 when using jade to convert. Spending 5 jades to                  convert 1 general card into tactic EXP

  • Return tactic EXP: When user convert enhanced general card, user will receive more 80% of tactic EXP in enhancement

Tactic Enhancement: 

  • Spending tactic EXP to enhance learned valiant general tactic and increase tactic
  • Tactic effect can be increased as tactic level, maximum level of tactic is 10

Unlock tactic slot: 

  • Each general has 3 tactic slots. 1st tactic slot is initial tactic of general by default. The remain of 2 slots are tactics that will be learned later
  • Besides of initial tactic slot, 2 remained slots are unlocked by default, user need to be qualified to unlock. After unlocking, user can learn tactic
  • If general reach level 5, 2nd slot will be unlocked.
  • After general awake, 3rd slot will be unlocked. Awakening conditions:
    + General reach level 20

          + Initial tactic is level 10

          + Use 2 general cards with the same star rating

Learn tactic: 

  • Learning new tactics in empty slots. If user learn more strong tactics, strengthof general and troop will be increased
  • Each tactic limit troop, only general that satisfy rule of new tactic can learn that new tactic
  • Number of learned tactic:
    + The number is shown at the right bottom of tactic picture is: number of learned tactic/number of learnable tactic
    + The number of learnable tactic is limited and the number of learned tactic is not bigger than the number of learnable tactic
  • No need to pay anything if user have enough number of learnable tactic

Dismantling into tactics: 

  • Dismantling into tactics is the only way to get new tactic
  • Each tactic is received only once and can not dismantle many times to get
  • Cannot learn tactic directly that have been just researched and have to continue researching if want to learn
  • Using general card, tactic EXP to dismantle into tactic

Researching tactics:

  • After dismantling tactic, user need to spend specified general card to increase research progress to 100% then learn it.
  • After dismantling tactic, user often research by identical army and star general card to increase 5% or 10% of research progress.
  • To strong tactic, user have to spend “Attendance Card”(such as “Rising Courage” tactic of Lu Bu need to spend 1 Han-Lu Bu) to increase research progress directly to 30%