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According to the setting of city facility, "Drill Ground" in each city will decide whether you can configure the unit, and up to five units within a city.

  •  Form An Army:Focus fighting is turn-base fighting with unit of troop, troop is basic fighting unit that is created by General Cards and troop is the main factor help user play in game
  • After building "Drill Ground" in the city, user can deploy troop and can not exceed 5 troops in 1 city.
  • Headquater: User have to deploy General at Headquarter, the new troop can be distributed or fight. If soldiers of Generalin Headquarter is 0 when fighting, it means fighting fails.
  • Central: is the main force of troop.
  • Vanguard: is deployed after building "Commander Hall" in the city

Troop COST:

  • Every troop has COST point limitation, corresponding to COST point of General Card. In any case, COST point of General Card can not exceed limitation of COST troop.


  • Speed will have an effect on moving speed of troop on the map and is decided by the lowest speed General in the troop


  • It means total soldiers of General in the team.
  • After deploying General in the troop, user can recruit in the city to increase solider.
  • If General is removed, soldier will be disappeared but 80% of the resource used in the recruitment will be returned to user.

Castle Siege Troop:

  • The durability of castle will be decreased when performing a siege
  • Point of castle siege troop will be equivalent to point of General

Increased Troop:

  • Increasing troop can make the attribute of General raise, including: army, title, unit type
  • Army: Available for activation after building an Altar & setting up at least 2 identical army general card. The effect will be higher if level of Altar is high
  • Title: Available for activation after setting up the specified general combination. Click general card in the valiant general interface to see status of valiant general combination. If using valiant general has high star rating in the same combination, effect will be higher
  • Unit type: a troop that is deployed with two or more generals of the same unit type will be unlocked

Attack range:

  • Normal attack only has an effect on the generals within the attack range. If both enemy and you send 3 generals to the battle, the distance between your vanguard and enemy vanguard is 5; and the distance between your central formation and enemy vanguard is 4
  • When deploying troop, user should note if attack range of valiant general is huge enough and avoid ineffective attack range